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Veterinarians Without Borders in Yangju

Team.Cat'chDog is proud to support Veterinarians Without Borders (VWB)!

Over the weekend, Yangju and VWB got together and launched the first of hopefully many campaigns to prevent pregnancies in dogs and cats in order to bring down the number of stray animals. In some rural areas, the population of wild dogs is getting out of control and attacks against humans are becoming a concern for communities.

On this day, we brought in Alkong and Dalkong, who are part of our "Countryside Dogs Initiative", for spaying/neutering. We strive to improve the lives of countryside animals whose owners lack access to proper education and resources in caring for their pets.

Minister of Environment Han Jeoung-ae and TV personality/campaign ambassador Park Su-hong attended the event, bringing a lot of media attention to the cause. Minister Han showed off her clipping skills, and we have to say, we are impressed! It is so encouraging to have the support of policymakers in our corner and we are grateful for the awareness that has been generated over the years, thanks to your continued interest.

We will continue to advocate for this critical life-saving work and hope to move the culture of pet ownership in a positive direction that will benefit the entire country! Stay tuned.

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