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Flight volunteering saves lives

COVID really kicked (and continues to kick) our butts. Big time.

We did our best to keep up with the high volume of rescue requests, but we can only rescue so many dogs while our shelter is at capacity.

If you or anyone you know is flying out of Korea, please consider becoming a flight volunteer and assist our dogs in making the last critical leg of their journey home!

The process is simple and hassle-free. First, you provide:

  • A copy of your ticket

  • Phone number used to make the reservation

  • Date of birth

We need this information to first check with the airline and see if there is a vacancy for the dogs. These spots tend to fill up pretty quickly, so sometimes we will not be able to utilize the ticket when the plane cannot take any more live animals.

If we are lucky enough to reserve a spot, we then ask you for:

  • A copy of your passport

  • Address + phone number (linked to address)

All personal information is handled with strict confidence and immediately deleted after use.

We do not share any details with anyone other than our North American partner who will also abide by the same protocol regarding your personal information.

All fees associated with the dogs are covered by us and pickup is handled by our partner who will meet you right by the gate.

Many of our volunteers tell us that the process is much simpler than they anticipated and that the experience is deeply rewarding. So the next time you return to the skies, please consider saving a life or two!

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