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Rounding out the month of September

Here's a little recap of what happened at Team.Cat'chDog this month:

1. After the lifting of lockdowns, adoptions have been slow in the US and it has been difficult finding opportunities for our dogs. Yet thanks to our wonderful partners, we managed to fly GD out to LA where he was scheduled to be fostered first. After a life-changing week with our guy, his foster dad fell in love with him and couldn't imagine life without GD. We knew this boy was special, but wow! We are so excited for GD and can't wait for him to experience life in a loving home. Congratulations to GD and his forever family!

Locked and loaded!

Thank you to Rachel, our awesome flight volunteer!

"The more I spend time with him, the more I feel that I could do anything for him."

2. Mutul, our miracle chow chow, has also been adopted! As a snub-nosed breed, Mutul was only available to domestic (Korean) adopters. We really took our time going through his adoption applications (there were quite a few!), and made sure to match him with a home that would be the perfect fit for him. Please join us in wishing this boy the happiest of endings! Sometimes, dreams do come true.

Check out our first blog post to read about his dramatic rescue!

Mutul before being rescued, where he was neglected with no access to water, food, or shelter.

Our handsome boy at his final grooming appointment

New Family of Three!

"Yeah dad, right there's good."

3. We spent two days screen campaigning this month. The first day, we stationed ourselves in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. This government agency is tasked with the enforcement of animal protection laws, yet rarely do they uphold them. Their silence and refusal to act indicates their complicity the dog meat trade. The next day, we screen campaigned at the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. This leg of the government acts very much like the USFDA. While they do not acknowledge “dog meat” as an edible food source or ingredient, they refuse to police dog meat farms and the establishments (dog meat restaurants) that serve dog meat — so which is it? The Ministry’s deliberate beating around the bush and perpetual passing of the buck needs to stop, NOW. For too long have government agencies shifted the blame and turned a blind eye to the plight of dogs in Korea.

Change needs to happen NOW!

Campaigning well into the evening, making sure we hit the after-work traffic.

Dog meat farms are notorious for their unsanitary conditions and poor management. The next pandemic could very well come from South Korea.

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