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Just in time for Halloween!

As if the Halloween gods orchestrated these events, the month of October brought two cats into our lives! First we came across Juk, who we discovered on the side of the road of a busy highway. His two hind legs had clearly suffered some sort of trauma, most likely a collision with an oncoming vehicle. However due to his frail condition, we were advised to wait for surgery. We are going to give him the care he needs to regain his strength so he can receive his operation as soon as possible.

Found on a busy highway...

Hanging on for dear life...

A little unsure of how to feel about the vet (lol).

Juk is a beautiful tuxedo cat that will be ready for adoption after he receives the medical attention he needs.

Our encounter with Nam was also a lucky happenstance. It was a particularly chilly fall day and she had hunkered down by the side of the road in hopes of braving the cold night. This girl would most likely not have survived it had we not discovered her, as confirmed by her nasty cough. This lucky gal was immediately transferred to the vet where she was put on antibiotics and look at her now! Nam is thriving and getting stronger by the day.

Hello Nam, nice to meet you!

You're safe with us now.

Nam is a spunky gal ready to rumble and tumble! She needs to be quarantined for a while to make sure that her cough is not transmitted to other furry friends.

There are so many street cats like Juk and Nam that are literally on the brink of death.

Please help us help others like them!

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