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The crazy wonderful heartbreaking story of how we ended up with 26 dogs overnight

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

**Trigger warning: Some of these images are highly disturbing and graphic. Please do not proceed if you are sensitive to animal violence.

It was supposed to be a simple stake out. After laying out a trap for a few of the neighborhood dogs we had been feeding for over a year, we were ready to have them join our pack before the harsh winter elements wore their fragile bodies down. Rainbow (무지개) was caught first, but we quickly realized two things: 1) we didn't recognize her and; 2) she was lactating.

Momma Rainbow

We knew her litter needed her, so Rainbow was tied to a long leash, in hopes that when we "released" her she would lead us to her puppies.


Not only did this girl bring us to her babies, but she ended up guiding us to the illegal backyard dog meat farm she came from.

"Hey guys, mom's back! And she has company."

Time and time again we are deeply moved by a momma dog's devotion to her little ones. Rainbow could have easily just ditched this hellhole and made a run for it. But no, this superdog came back to her babies after scavenging for food on the streets. Her "owner" did not even have the decency to properly feed a nursing mother.

We witness a lot of heinous behavior but each time we do, we are always just as shocked and appalled as the first time. No living being such be forced to endure such an undignified existence.

Terrified pups

What we saw this day was abominably cruel. Carcasses, rotten food waste, and utter filth. And so. Many. Puppies. We still think about their moms who were not found on site. We wish with every fiber of our being that we had found them sooner. Maybe families wouldn't have been ripped apart so cruelly. Maybe it could have saved mom (and dad) from a tragic fate. Maybe...

But what we know for sure is that these dogs will never experience such darkness again. And with that, we say a little prayer for the ones we lost and the ones we will never know. We love you, sweet angels. This world was never meant for ones as beautiful as you.

To keep up with their journeys, please visit us on Instagram (@catchdog_team_)

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