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When will it end?

**TRIGGER WARNING** The images you are about to see are extremely disturbing.

Another dog meat farm bust.

This one was the biggest one we have encountered yet.

Sprawling over a 1.5 acre lot, the owner had been operating it for 20 years.

Not only did this monster run a dog meat farm, we also detected traces of a defect puppy mill and logged many torture devices and slaughtering tools.

As we approached the rows of cages stretched out across the lot, the heart-piercing cries of the surviving dogs were pushed to the periphery by some of the most horrific imagery we have witnessed — scores of carcasses and bones. Contextual cues suggest they died from mass starvation and neglect. We immediately rescued the survivors and gave a proper funeral to four intact carcasses we encountered.

RIP sweet angels...

Heartbroken we couldn't make it in time to save you.

Your lives mattered.

Sometimes it feels never-ending.

But we march on.

Make sure you follow us on our socials to keep up with how the case unfolds.

The owner of this hell-on-earth has firmly expressed his intentions to continue exploiting animals for profit.

We are going to push back with everything we’ve got.

Some of the media coverage we've gotten so far...

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