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Screen Campaign (advocacy)

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

As Korea experiences a surge in new COVID cases, we here at Team.Cat'chDog have gotten creative with our outreach and advocacy.

In Seoul's financial district, one of the busiest intersections in the city

During the summer, South Koreans celebrate boknal, referring to the hottest summer days in July and August according to the lunar calendar. During this time, many Koreans eat foods believed to be helpful in combatting the sweltering heat and improving stamina. Unfortunately, due to misinformation, dog-meat is consumed even by people who do not eat it at any other time of the year, in the misguided belief that it is healthy.

We knew that COVID restrictions were going to significantly limit the types of activities we would have normally planned for, so we decided to launch a mobile screen campaign. This innovative way of protesting allows us to reach audiences across the country without having to compromise anyone's safety.

Protesting in front of E-mart (Korea's Walmart)

Korea boasts one of the largest economies in the world. It has produced world-class companies that employ millions of people around the world and is the proud exporter of K-pop — a cultural movement that has broken international records and allowed us into the homes of people who barely knew we existed.

Our allies around the world are protesting in front of Korean embassies and consulates, to bring awareness to the plight of dogs in Korea and to hopefully bring an end to these senseless acts. Some well-intentioned promoters of Korea will attempt to spin the truth and insist that it is a thing of the past — do not let them fool you. We receive inquiries and requests everyday about shutting down dog-meat farms and slaughterhouses currently in operation.

On the road in Namyangju

There are three main methods of slaughter. First is by electrocution. Employers of this method will insist it is humane and painless. Why do you think so many states and countries have banned the electric chair, describing it as a “cruel and unusual punishment”? This is a direct quote from a state Supreme Court. The second is by hanging. No words can capture the brutality of death by hanging, but it is practiced everyday, by citizens of a country that takes pride in how “developed” and “advanced” it is. The third is by blunt force trauma. Farmers will essentially beat the dog to death.

Press briefing and the first day of screen campaigning. En route to the site, we rescued Moran who was abandoned at a public bathroom in a rest area by the highway.

This is not a myth, there are no frivolous accusations being made here. We have direct evidence of every statement made here. And yet, local authorities continue to turn a blind eye. Even more disturbing is the fact that the industry is highly unregulated and rife with issues that would make anyone’s blood boil. Sanitation guideline breaches, tax evasion, moral decay, and bureaucratic corruption — it is happening right under our noses as we speak. This is not only a matter of animal rights, but an infringement on our rights as public citizens. Our animals deserve better. We deserve better.

Team.Cat'chDog will continue to be a voice for dogs and cats that are slaughtered everyday, in the most horrific ways imaginable. We know these images are hard to watch. But we ask you not to turn your backs on these innocent animals.

Together, let us build a better future for all creatures.

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